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After spending many years renting in various parts of Coral Bay, we knew without a doubt that island life was very much a part of us and that St. John was the ideal spot! It was always this particular view which thrilled us more than any other, on an island where every view is beautiful. We bought the land in 2006 and spent the next few years carefully planning our dream Caribbean cottage!

We wanted to build a simple, but unique, green home in harmony with Coral Bay's natural beauty, so we decided on circular architecture and multiple large glass doors to capture the surrounding view. We wanted to create a feeling of being one with the outdoors — the valley below and the sea beyond. The open floor plan and cathedral cypress ceiling would create a sense of airiness and elegant space, and would be cooled by the trade winds.

We built our dream cottage in 2014 and were well pleased with the results of all our careful planning ... spectacular views of Coral Bay and the islands beyond, a sea view from every room, and the moon and twinkling lights of the British Virgins in the evenings. Simply put, Moonglow is magical, and we welcome you to share the dream in our island home!

— Lou & Larry Taft

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